Replacing traditional stoves with Greenway Stoves delivers impact across multiple areas

Health: Using a traditional mud stove for an hour is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes along with eye, skin irritation and other ailments. 

Environment & Climate Change: Due to inefficiencies, traditional stoves require copious amounts of fuel, typically firewood for which communities often have to cut trees damaging flora and fauna. Emissions from these stoves is also a significant contributor to climate change

Money and Time: Families spend a significant portion of their time and income on fuel collection and purchase.

Gender and Opportunity: Cooking on traditional stoves and consequent fuel collection requires more than necessary time and effort taking away from productive hours of women and young girls leading to time poverty and lost opportunity.

Gift a stove, spread the word and help make meals heathier and happier with Greenway Stoves

Greenway designs, manufacturers and distributes clean cooking stoves that help save women time and effort while also mitigating climate change and air pollution.


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