Replacing traditional stoves with Greenway Stoves delivers impact across multiple areas

Health: Using a traditional mud stove for an hour is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes along with eye, skin irritation and other ailments. 

Environment & Climate Change: Due to inefficiencies, traditional stoves require copious amounts of fuel, typically firewood for which communities often have to cut trees damaging flora and fauna. Emissions from these stoves is also a significant contributor to climate change

Money and Time: Families spend a significant portion of their time and income on fuel collection and purchase.

Gender and Opportunity: Cooking on traditional stoves and consequent fuel collection requires more than necessary time and effort taking away from productive hours of women and young girls leading to time poverty and lost opportunity.

Traditional stove (indoor open fire)

Cooking on traditional mud stoves (indoor open fires) using biomass is a global problem affecting our health, productivity and the environment.

A large part of our population cannot use modern fuels such as electricity or cooking gas on account of access, affordability and availability.  The International Energy Agency estimates that even in 2040, 1 out of every 3 Indians and over 2 billion people globally would continue using biomass for cooking for the lack of alternate options, in a best case scenario.

Traditional stoves consume copious amounts of fuel and emit dangerous smoke on account of their incomplete and inefficient combustion.

The smoke emitted by traditional stoves - termed as Household Air Pollution (HAP) is known to be one of the biggest health risks faced by women.  This smoke is a mix of over 30 different chemicals and kills over 4.3 million people annually - higher than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined.

With Greenway Stoves, the overall fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 65% and smoke reduced by 70%.  Additionally, our air-regulator technology further reduces noxious gases such as CO and PM significantly. This enables clear measurable clean cooking progress and SDGs 5,7 &13.


In India

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