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  • Size: 12.4" x 10.6" x 11.6"

  • Materials: Steel and Aluminium with Bakelite Handles

  • Loading Capacity: 40 kg

  • Secondary Air Induction Mechanism: Yes

  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Fuel Savings: 65%

  • Smoke Reduction: 70%

  • Ergonomic front loading design

Greenway Jumbo Stove


GreenwayJumbo Stove is a single-burner, high efficiency cookstove that works on all solid biomass fuels such as wood, dry dung, crop waste, coconut waste, bamboo etc. The stove does not require any fuel processing/cutting.

Greenway Jumbo Stove I Clean Cooking
Greenway Jumbo Stove I Clean Cooking


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes the Greenway Jumbo Stove better than a traditional stove?

Greenway Jumbo Stove comes with a patented air regulation technology that leads to better combustion i.e. increased efficiency (less fuel) and reduced smoke. This mechanism is highly durable and does not have any moving parts.


Is the stove portable?

Yes, the stove is portable and can be easily carried from one place of use to another.  


Does the ash fall on the floor?

No, the ash stays inside the stove and can be removed by tilting the stove once cooking is finished.


Can the flame come out from the front?

The Greenway Jumbo Stove has a shroud protruding in the front to limit instances of fire coming out of the front feeding area.


What if I spill food or water on the stove?

Worry not.  Greenway Jumbo Stove has an aluminium body which you can wipe clean easily.  Your stove will keep looking new :)


Will the food taste different?

No.  The food will taste as delicious as before.


How is it different from the Greenway Smart Stove?

The Smart Stove is ideal for smaller families i.e. 4 to 6 persons while the Jumbo may be used for larger households or bulk cooking.

Can it be paired with a chimney?

The Jumbo Stove can be used under a chimney to further reduce exposure to emissions.  Simply place the stove under any existing chimney.  Make sure that the chimney's hood is wider than the stove and the distance between the stove's top and chimney should be less than 28 inches.

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