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Donate a Stove Campaign

Be a giver and donate a family with low emissions stove.

Millions of families across the globe are still using traditional chulhas (stove) for cooking. The cooks, traditionally women, inhale dangerous amounts of gases on a daily basis.

Our specially designed low emission stoves are an easy solution for such families. They have helped numerous families to not only avoid emissions, but also use the scarce resources more efficiently.


For multiple reasons, our stoves are still out of reach of many needy families. Financial constraints are a big reason why many households still continue to use the old and traditional stoves.

This is where you can help.

You can help a family by donating a stove. The chosen design will be delivered to a household by Greenway Appliances with thanks. What's more, you will receive a handmade gift from the family as a token of gratitude.


Get handmade gifts from the beneficiaries of your donation as a token of appreciation. Choice of terracota handmade products like earthen candles and tiles available to choose from.

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