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Easy Own is a fintech + distribution platform.  We operate a network of semi-urban and rural nodal centers to onboard creditworthy customers and aggregate at scale demand of cataloged products and brands.  Customers receive the products at nodal centers and pay in easy, staggered installments. Easy Own works with women focused, community based organizations to onboard customers from within their network and facilitate credit processing & delivery.


Our mission is to enable semi-urban and rural households to own everyday appliances that improve health, savings, productivity and connectivity. Women, especially, not only bear a disproportionate burden of housework but also remain largely disconnected from digital opportunities.  With appliance ownership we aim to change this and bring about real, measurable increase in quality of life & opportunity.

How does it work?

Mobile based payment reminder and tracking

Greenway's mobile solution provides automated payment receipts and instruction/reminder calls in local language.  This ensures both payment discipline and assurance for consumers.

Collection mode that works for the consumer

Installments are collected in a mode that is viable and convenient for the consumer including cash, bank debits/digital, payroll deduction etc.  

Is a smartphone mandatory?

No.  Greenway's system works on all phones (no charge to the consumer) and works in the absence of a phone as well, although it is recommended that the consumer own a phone.

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming Easy Own partners to serve your network base then please contact us and visit
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Visit Easy Own easyown.com
Greenway designs, manufacturers and distributes clean cooking stoves that help save women time and effort while also mitigating climate change and air pollution.


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